Stargazing and Sunrise

Stargazing inside the Uyuni Salt Flat is one of the most sublime things you can do for enjoyment and inspiration. There is just something so wonderful about standing (or lying or sitting) under a starry sky that evokes feelings of awe and wonder.

During the rainy season, stargazers in Uyuni get an added bonus when relaxing under the night sky as the water reflects everything just like a giant mirror. The feeling is one of walking in space amongst the stars.

From the star clusters of the Southern Cross and nebulae of Sagittarius, to the interstellar gas of Carina and galaxies of the Fornax Cluster, there's no better place to stargaze than in Uyuni.

The sky in Uyuni is usually clear, and it offers magnificent opportunities for stargazing at night. If you have a good camera and some experience, you can take unbelievable time-lapse photos of the starry sky and the salt flat below it.