Bookings and Cancellations is an online booking center that allows you to organize and book your unique trip to Uyuni efficiently. Our tourist services offer range includes tours, accommodation, private transportation, flights, bus and train tickets to and from Uyuni and the rest of Bolivia.

Our Uyuni travel experts will help you to understand what is included in every itinerary and will recommend you the best way to spend your time in Uyuni.

Please read carefully our Booking Terms and Conditions and feel free to send us your questions.

Booking Process

  1. Review the Uyuni itineraries and hotels published on our website and contact us specifying the departure or check in date.
  2. We will get back to you as soon as possible with the availability and cost confirmation.
  3. Once you have a clear picture of the type of service you are booking, we will send you a Debit Note with a detailed explanation of the services requested.
  4. You will review the Debit Note and authorize us to proceed with the billing.
  5. We will send you a PayPal Invoice. The price quoted will be the same amount that will be debited from your account via PayPal. We don't charge any extra fees.
  6. For tours or hotel bookings that are cancelled, the refund will be made via the PayPal System. Please read our Cancellation policy.
  7. Once we have received the deposit, we will issue a Confirmation Voucher for your control. Flight e-tickets will be provided in the same way. Take into consideration that some bus companies issue their own bus e-tickets, in which case we will provide you the bus company e-ticket directly. In the case of train tickets and local bus tickets you will need to pick up the physical ticket from our Tour Operators offices in the requested cities.

Cancellations / Penalties and Refunds

If a tour or booking is cancelled we will provide a refund via Paypal. The refund process time will depend on how fast we are getting the funds back from our Tour Operators. We will keep a 4 % administrative fee to pay our phone calls and other inputs used while making your booking.

The penalties below are in case we have booked and prepaid services with third parties and would be liable for paying these third parties. We usually do not apply these penalties and try to give a full refund whenever possible.

Cancellations have a fee penalty according to the following scale list:

Shared Tours

  • 30 days or more notice prior to departure : 10% of total purchase amount
  • 7 days to 72 hours notice prior to departure : 20% of total purchase amount
  • 48 hours notice prior to departure: 30% of total purchase amount
  • 24 hours notice prior to departure: 100% of total purchase amount

Private Tours

60 days notice prior to departure – Full refund of the deposit

  • Less than 60 to 30 days notice prior to departure : 30% of total purchase amount
  • 29 days to 15 days notice prior to departure: 75 % of total purchase amount
  • 15 days to 0 notice prior to departure: 100 % of total purchase amount

Hotel Bookings

  • 60 days notice – Full refund of the deposit
  • Less than 60 to 30 days notice : 30% of the deposit
  • 29 days to 15 days notice: 75 %
  • 15 days to 0: 100 % of the deposit

Todo Turismo Bus tickets

Cancellations have a fee penalty according to the following scale list:

  • Within 10 days notice prior of departure, 20% fee of the total price.
  • Within 9 to 6 days notice prior of departure, 30% fee of the total price.
  • Within 5 to 3 days notice prior of departure, 50% fee of the total price.
  • Within 2 to 1 days notice prior of departure, 100% fee of the total price.

Train, Flight and Local Bus tickets

Train, flight and local bus tickets are non-refundable because we are buying them in advance on your behalf and the ticket is issued.

Cancellations can only be processed during office hours but can be requested via email.

If tours are missed, cancelled or delayed due to weather conditions, civil demonstrations, blockades or other situations beyond our control, refunds will be at's discretion and any penalties applied will be directly in proportion to our costs or losses.

Privacy policy may transfer personal information to a third party for processing or to provide services, including third parties for whom our acts as a booking or reservations agent, but uses contractual or other means to provide a comparable level of protection while the information is in the custody of that third party.

Policies to be applied specifically for the Uyuni Salt Flat Tours

Uyuni tours are generally safe and reliable but it is important to be aware that this area is very remote and the general standard of facilities and services is rather basic. Some extra snacks, warm clothes and a sleeping bag are recommended. While breakdowns do happen, drivers are adept at fixing their vehicles and are always willing to help each other out. We believe if you are informed about the possible negative aspects of the tours you can prepare yourself better and will have a more positive experience.